Cleveland Elementary School Shooting

A little after 8 a.m on Monday, Jan. 29, 1979, parents in San Carlos, a pleasant suburb of the California seaside city of San Diego, started...

Brenda's brother and sister

 Teresa SpencerScott Spencer 

Brenda had an older brother and sister then later a half-sister. 

Scott Mathew Spencer was born in December 1956 and in less than two years later, Teresa Lynn Spencer arrived on August 1958. The parents bought a house at 6413 Boulder Lake Avenue in the relatively new area of San Carlos.Brenda was born 4 years later. 

At the time of the shooting, Scott was 22 with long reddish sun-bleached hair and often wore a head band to keep it under control. He had just moved out of the house to live in El Cajon with friends.

Scott and Brenda were quite close and were known to smoke marijuana together on many occasions. According to Scott, Brenda idolized him and liked to go places together. She was like a little brother because she was a tomboy and they shared the same outdoor interests.

He was a decent soccer player at Patrick Henry High School and outgoing - very unlike his father. He later moved to Victorville in central California and then back again because he had been arrested for cultivating marijuana (later dismissed). At the time of the shooting he was travelling the mid-west with friends.  

Teresa,20, was only slightly taller than Brenda at 5’3’. She graduated Patrick Henry High and was far more worried about appearances than the rest of the family. To save money during college she remained living at the house. She started at San Diego State University the following Fall to study commercial art.

Teresa was not as close to Brenda as her brother and did not love the outdoors like the rest of the family. Teresa was more introverted like her father but that may be the only thing they share. She was the only person who did any chores around the house and would often untangle Brenda’s hair and do the laundry.

Teresa married and moved away to the Bay Area shortly after the shooting and enjoys her anonymity. She divorced and remarried and remains in in Northern California. She has not visited Brenda in Prison. 

Scott passed away in 2019 after falling in his kitchen. He remained friends with Brenda and she was devastated by his death. 

All three siblings had a major legal bust-up with their half -sister Bree, after their fathers death.

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